Volunteer Email #2

If you would like to help us, here is something that is easy to do, won’t take much time and will help our cause more than you would imagine.  Please copy and paste the text below into an email and send it to all the friends and family in your address book.  Or, post it on Facebook.  It lets people know we exist and simultaneously helps bring in a few extra dollars, too.  Thank you. Click here for more info.

Email Subject Line: Can I ask you a favor?

I don’t usually ask for favors, but I’d like to ask you for one now.  There is a group of Scout Leaders (a.k.a. unpaid volunteers) that is trying to launch a new Internet show called the Global Troop Town Hall.  What they are trying to do is pretty amazing and I’d like you to see what they are offering the Scouting community.  They are trying to "give back" in a big way. The web address is If you feel they are trying to do something as important as I do, please consider donating a dollar or two.

From one parent to another, thank you.


<your name>

PS. If you could forward this email to some of your friends, that would be fantastic!