You are a Rock Star!


Recipe Submission Guidelines

Hello Chef! We are ready to make your recipe famous and give you the credit!

Here's what we are looking for. Delicious meals that only take one pot to cook or can be cooked in an aluminum foil packet and require little to no cleanup. Everyone in Scouts is familiar with the Second Class and First Class cooking rank requirements. Do you think there should be cleanup requirements, too? No, neither do we!

That's why we are putting together a one-pot cookbook and cooking show. Everyone has a favorite and we'd like to know yours. Send us a recipe and get your name listed in the cookbook. Send us two or more recipes and we will also send you and your troop an electronic copy when it is finished.

Click here for the recipe submission form (Word doc, ready for editing).


Video Submission Guidelines

Gear Tips, Tricks and Hacks = GTTH

You are a Rock Star and we are ready to make you famous! Welcome to the selfie-gear review and tips, tricks and hacks guidelines.

Use the video camera on your smart phone to tell us about a great piece of gear that you use or a cool way to use it. We like the idea of a 60 second video, but you can go up to 3 minutes, if you want.

The easiest thing to do is send us a link to your YouTube Video and if it meets our standards, we will post/advertise your link.  If you prefer, send us your video. If it meets our standards, we will add the GTTH motion graphic at the beginning and a "Thank You" at the end.

Imagine how cool it will be (and how useful to other troops) when we have a 100 gear reviews and good tips, tricks and hacks in our library. Click here to see a sample video.  Click here for a sample script you can follow and the video submission form as a Word doc ready for editing.  Completion of these forms allows us to promote your video and give you the credit you deserve.


Earning a Patch
If you submit a video and we use it, we will send you an exclusive GTTH patch. You can also receive the exclusive GTTH patch when you donate $50 OR when you donate $25 and send out an email blast to your friends and family. To help with that email blast, we have a couple of sample emails and some instructions on the Media Kit page. (Youth, ask your parents for permission.)

Earning an Electronic Copy of the One-Pot Cookbook
If you submit one recipe, we will put your name in the cookbook.  If you submit two one-pot recipes, we will put your name in the cookbook and email you and your Scout Master an electronic copy of the cookbook when it is finished.




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