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Table of Contents

  1. Marketing Your Troop & Recruiting Volunteers 
  2. Troop Organization & Documents for Adult Leadership
  3. Camping & Trip Preparation
  4. Summer Camp
  5. Youth Leadership & Skills
  6. Miscellaneous                                                                                  


Marketing Your Troop & Recruiting Volunteers

Marketing Video for Cub Scout Webelos

Wouldn't it be great if your soon-to-crossover Webelos could see a marketing video actually produced by someone of similar age and interests? While this video displays our particular troop number, it's still a great 2 minute piece produced by a Tenderfoot. You should think about presenting this to the local cub pack as they are making their decision to cross over and transition to Boy Scouts.

Marketing Video for Parents

To grow your troop, you need to market the parents as well as the Webelos. This video may have been made in the UK, but it touches the right chords in American Parents, too. Well worth the 6 minutes!

This video was shared by Walter U. through the Talk About Scouting! Facebook group.

Scoutmasters, are you overwhelmed and so busy that you don't have time to ask for volunteers or don't know how best to ask? You might want to send a link to this 60-second video to every parent. It worked for us.

This is a great video to play at a Court of Honor, banquet or other gathering.

How to Become an ASM in 10 Easy Steps If you want parent participation, ask them to "put on the tan shirt." You can help them do that by giving them this 4 page document on how to become an ASM in 10 easy steps. This is a GREAT document to hand the parent who asks "what can I do to help?"
Parents Welcome Guide One of the best ways to get parents involved is to help them understand how your troop works. This welcome guide goes a long way towards getting them to volunteer.
Family Talent Survey

This is a form we give to all parents, so we can help direct them to volunteer in areas that interest them.




Troop Organizational & Documents for Parents and Adult Leadership

The Scoutmaster's Other Handbook is an excellent resource. This down-to-earth book offers hundreds of proven ideas for building strong, successful, sustainable troops that achieve the full promise of Scouting. The book moves through every aspect of troop meetings and outings to fundraising and administration and more.

Talk about Scouting! is a very nice Facebook forum for Leaders to ask questions. Check them out at:


ASM Patrol Mentoring Form Mentors are made up of teams of adults, because adult leaders are volunteers and don’t always make it to all meetings.  By assigning multiple mentors to each patrol, there is a much better chance that at least one mentor team member will be at each meeting.  Patrol Mentoring is a great role to give a parent when they come ask “What can I do to help?” This form helps the Scout Master keep track of who is mentoring which patrol.
Troop Resource Facebook Page

TroopResource manages our own Facebook page, too. This is where you will go to see our Live Streaming TV show on the second Wednesday of every month (Sept-June) at 8:00 PM Eastern time. Here's how:

1. Launch Facebook from any device.
2. Go to the Troop Resource page (by searching on the term Troop Resource)
3. Click on the Red Live button which appears around 7:55 PM Eastern Time.


How to Plan an Eagle Court of Honor Once your Scouts has achieved the highest rank in Scouts, it is time to celebrate! This documents helps you plan that Eagle Court of Honor.
Master of Ceremony Script #1

I was asked by a recent Eagle Scout to be the Master of Ceremony for his Eagle Court of Honor. I was honored, and of course said "Yes." That's when I learned how stressful it can be creating a ceremony from scratch after only attending one or two Eagle COHs in the past. I did some research online and didn't really find what I wanted. The National Eagle Scout Association has a few online and they were great to find (see below), but didn't really fit the style I was looking for. This was a Scout that was like family, wanted something less formal and would stand-up well through some good-natured poking fun. So, for your use, here is the basic agenda and script. I hope it helps you. If I had this, the 30 days prior to the COH would have been much less stressful. Copy and edit it as approprate. This COH was about 60 minutes long.


Master of Ceremony
Script #2
(Coming Soon)

Just one week after the above Eagle COH Ceremony, I was asked to give another. Only this Scout was not someone I wanted to poke fun at. In addition, he and his family were very much involved with their church, so I needed to write something that was more faith-based. Feel free to copy and edit this document as needed. This COH was about 75 minutes long.


NESA Eagle COH Guide

The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA.ORG) is a great organization with lots of information for and about Eagle Scouts. I highly recommend joining. Most of my Eagle Scouts purchase the lifetime membership. I think that is the best bang-for-the-buck. Here is a link to a document with a number of variations on particular ceremonies.


Scout QSO Handout

When a Scout visits an Amateur Radio Table/Booth at an event and you want to give them the experience of being on the radio, they are often afraid, because they don't know what to do or say. This handout will help!




Camping & Trip Prep

Camping Trip Tracker The camping trip tracker is a form a Patrol Leader uses to the Scouts in their patrol who will be going on a trip, tent buddies (and who is going to bring the tent), whether each Scout has a signed permission slip, has paid their fees and contributed their funds for food shopping.
Camping Gear Checklist This is a very useful check list for Scouts who either don't know what to bring on a camping trip, or don't remember.
Trip Procedures FOR PARENTS This is what every parent needs to know about getting your Scout ready for trips including drop-off times, pick-up locations and everything else parent-related.
What to Expect on Your First Camping Trip This is a really nice document written in kid-friendly language that explains to new Scouts what to expect on their First Camping trip. Highly recommended.
How to Camp as a Patrol This is a great document to give to a new Patrol Leader to help them understand how to camp as a patrol
  Camp Cooking & Meals
Monster Box Checklist A "Monster Box" is a 25-30 gallon tub with handels that lock down the lid. These are used to hold all the cooking and cleaning supplies a patrol needs on a camping trip. This document is a list of the items used to inventory the Monster Box before a trip and a reminder that all items need to be clean! The Patrol Leader assigns the Scouts who are to do the pre-trip inventory.
Patrol Duty Roster This form is used by the Patrol Leader to record who has responsibility for cooking and cleaning for each meal on a trip. Experience shows that this form IS A MUST and needs to be completed pre-trip and written down, otherwise Scouts often "disappear" at cleaning-time leaving a Patrol Leader trying to recruit Scouts after they have eaten for a job no one wants to do. This form helps prevent that type of failure.
Patrol Menu Planner This form helps the Patrol plan their meals as well as some of the preparation notes. This form needs to be completed before a Shopping List can be created.
Patrol Grubmaster Shopping List For each trip where meals are planned, shopping needs to be done. This form helps the Patrol Shoppers create their shopping list for all the meals, they also learn how to estimate the costs, valildate them at the grocery store, and know when the items they put in the shopping cart will exceed the funds collected for trip food.


Summer Camp

A Parents Guide to Summer Camp This is an amazing document that take Parents on a journey through the joy and reasons for attending summer camp, how best to prepare for summer camp and how to make paying for summer camp easier. Summer Camp is a VITAL part of the Scouting Experience. Our experience is that Scouts are much more likely to stay in the Scouting program if they attend. In addition, they are much more likely to achieve the Eagle Rank if they attend.
BSA Medical Forms Part A, B and C These forms are current as of 2017. They are REQUIRED for EVERY SCOUT (and Adult Leader) to participate in Summer Camp.
Pre-Summer Camp Swim Test Form Adult Leaders will use this form to test and record the results of pre-camp swim tests. Our troop contacts a local school with a pool every year and schedules a life guard to be present while we give the Scouts their swim tests. It is very, very useful to complete the swim tests prior to going to summer camp, otherwise your Scouts will wait in long lines in the hot sun. This particular form was issued by the Cradle of Libery Council. Your council may use a different form.


Youth & Leadership & Skills

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Role
Chaplain's Aide Role
Den Chief Role
Historian Role
Instructor Role
Leave No Trace Trainer Role
Librarian Role
Order of the Arrow Troop Representative
Patrol Leader

Quartermaster Role
Scribe Role
Senior Patrol Leader Role
Troop Guide Role
Troop Webmaster Role

First Strides Guides™: Youth Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership is learned through doing.  However, it's hard to do if you don't know what's expected of you, especially during your first few weeks in the role. 

There are plenty of official leadership books and trainings. Yet, there is often a gap between the day you "take office," and the day you take the training.

These short, First Strides Guides™ will give your Scouts a quick idea of what to say and do at their first couple of meetings in their new role. (We are in the process of writing these, so, if you know of other free-to-scouts documents that cover these topics, please let us know, so we can include the links. Finishing these up would also be a good volunteer activity.)


Great list of Boy Scout Games to play at

This link was shared by Barry W. from Troop 512.

How to Earn a Merit Badge

Earning Merit Badges is different from earning Cub Scout Patches and Belt Loopps. This document is kid-friendlly and has also proven very useful for PARENTS of new Scouts, too.




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