Short Instructions
(1) Create a group,
(2) address the email using the BCC: field,
(3) include in the BCC: field, so we can give you credit,
(4) copy and paste text from sample email and send,
(5) celebrate.

Detailed Instructions
1. You can either create a group (which is a list of email addresses) in your address book, or choose to address the email manually. I suggest creating a group, so you can use it more than once as well as remember who you did/did not send to. Click here to see how to create a group in Gmail; in Yahoo; in MSN; in Verizon; Comcast.
2. Address the email using the BCC: field. Why? Because using the BCC: field prevents all those unwanted emails that happen when people "Reply to All."
3. Include in the BCC: field, so we can give you credit,
4. Open the sample email ( Copy and paste the text into your email. Edit the text as desired. Use the proposed Subject Line if you choose. Be sure to replace the text at the bottom that says "<your name>" with your name. Otherwise the message looks automated to the recipients.
5. Rejoice in the fact that you have done a Good Deed for the day.