The Concept

We put a thousand skills
in every troop's backpack

  The TroopResource™ Concept is making it possible for you to watch leaders and guest speakers share their secrets, experts explain how to select the best gear and merit badge counselors discuss the tips & tricks that will make your life easier and so much more!

The fact that you've read this far this tells me you are intrigued.  That’s great!  Scouts are resourceful and we so committed to this project that we are making the show happen out of our own pockets.  Can you help by "chipping-in a buck or two?" We don’t need much more than a little financial encouragement and you can give us that for less than the price of a candy bar. The donate button, below, will take you to a secure PayPal site.


Den Chief with Inspirational Message

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The ½ Hour Show. currently produces a quarterly ½ hour show composed of three segments that cover a timely topic, a review of a specific piece of gear and a merit badge.  For instance, during the January show we might discuss the topic of cold weather camping, review sleeping bags and talk about the snow sports merit badge.  During an April show we might invite guests to talk about their favorite summer camps, ask an expert to review different brands of boots and talk with a counselor about the Archery Merit Badge.


Our Visionary "Long-Term Goal"
We have a long-term goal... a LIVE Internet TV show where Leaders (and Scouts) get to interact with the experts. Can you help make that happen?



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