Start Small. Build Quality.


Executive Summary

Welcome to the grassroots project called

We provide knowledge-based resources to Scout Troops across the country through field-tested tips and tricks and a 30-minute TV special. Our motto is to "put a 1000 skills into every troop's backpack."(sm)

We reach out to the hearts and minds of over a million adult volunteers and 2.5 million young men as they prepare to become the next leaders of our society.

We've generated enough interest to produce a local cable TV show, yet our sights are much higher. Our long-term vision is to broadcast a live talk show where Scouts and Leaders can participate and interact.

                Today's Audience


             * Stats from's 2013 Year in Review

Intrigued? Then keep reading, visit our YouTube Channel and leave us a comment on our Facebook blog.

If you like what you see, please donate a dollar or two. Ground-floor sponsorships are also available. Help us help you. We can accomplish more, together.

Donate Button is being implemented in phases (see simplified timeline, below). You can be a part of each phase. Our strategy is to start small, build quality, then grow. Our tactics are to make certain our resources are entertaining and provide immediate value to our target audience.

In order to provide a unified presence, you may find us through any of the following URL's, emails, and profiles:

Facebook: GlobalTroopTownHall
Google+: Global Troop Town Hall
LinkedIn: Global Troop Town Hall
Twitter: GlobalTroopTown
YouTube: Global Troop Town Hall
Skype: GlobalTroop.TownHall
Call-in phone number: (610) 924-INFO.



The Boy Scouts of America™ (BSA) is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States, with 2.6 million youth members and over 1 million adult volunteers.[ 2013 Year in Review].



Word of mouth is extremely important.  Please tweet, blog, and talk us up!  We currently market the show with postings to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As we grow, we will begin more active advertising campaigns with press releases to newspapers, radio stations and other entities. Start small, build quality, then grow. Would you like to volunteer?





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